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The Dirty Truth About Vacation Rental Technology

The Dirty Truth About Vacation Rental Technology

Technology, technology everywhere

In the last ten years or so the vacation rental sector has been taken over by technology.

What was, quite literally, a cottage industry is now an amalgam of tech wizardry.

We list our properties with huge corporations that use big data and complex algorithms to find guests for our properties.

We interact with travelers and advertise special deals on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like.

We use property management systems, channel managers and yield management systems to manage, market and monetize our properties throughout the marketing and booking process.

We monitor security, entry systems, guest noise levels and climatic controls. All via our smartphones.

We can send pinpointingly accurate maps and driving instructions, welcome guests remotely and supply digital guidebooks.

But, in all of this techno revolution, there is one area of the short term rental business that has remained almost untouched by innovation.

Very few hosts, owners and property managers have adopted any technology for their cleaning requirements.

In general, it’s still calendars, spreadsheets and plenty of phone calls to cleaning staff and or cleaning companies. 

It’s the same as it’s always been.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here at Doinn we offer a technology solution that changes your cleaning operations.

Our app acts as a bridge between cleaning admin tasks and professionally trained cleaning staff.

Literally, all of the work is done for you.

The 4 major advantages of using a cleaning app

1 First and foremost it’s a timesaver. And who doesn’t want to save time!

2. Secondly, it assures full transparency in communication, as all the alerts about any forgotten or damaged object or other abnormal situation observed by the cleaner are registered, get notified and stay recorded and attached to the service information.

3. Thirdly, it automates the entire cleaning process and that includes linens if you wish

4. Lastly, it probably costs less than your current cleaning operation

Here’s how it works

You simply add your properties

You can either add your property manually or you can upload properties in bulk via a spreadsheet.

Next, add access details, contact information, etc.

You can add specific access details, cleaning, and/or rubbish disposal instructions or contact information in the profile of each apartment. It will be easy to access by the cleaning teams assigned to this property as well as any other person in charge of the service.

Set your check-in and check-out times

These can be set as default or set for individual properties.
They can also be edited for individual bookings if certain guests need an early check-in or a late check-out.

Leave notes for cleaning staff via the app

Eliminate the need to call or pass on messages to your cleaners.

Just add special requirements in the app’s notes section and that’s it.

Your cleaning staff will be notified automatically and they can answer you in real-time

Synchronize with your bookings automatically with iCal

The platform syncs with iCal (the industry standard booking calendar). 

Once you get a booking,  the check-out cleaning will automatically be scheduled.

Professionally trained cleaning personnel will be assigned to the job.

Everything is taken care of.


Managing properties for different owners? Invoices for services purchased can be issued to a specific person or legal entity.

The major advantages of using professional cleaners

cleaning your Airbnb

The fact that your properties are spotless is severely compromised by the fact that other properties in your area – aren’t.

The thing that really brings this to the fore is the impact of the Coronavirus and the fact that the standard of cleanliness and the perceived level of cleanliness across the whole rental industry is what will drive bookings in the foreseeable future.

Owners and managers are going to need more than good past reviews. 

They are going to need a level of proof that they are providing thoroughly disinfected properties.

The big online travel agencies have a lot at stake here. They have been exposed to a potential weak spot in their armor.

When using the Doinn app and associated cleaning services providers you get professionally trained cleaning staff and higher, certified, levels of cleaning. 

We work with over 300 excellent cleaning staff from over 40 cleaning companies.
We’re in 88 cities in Europe and growing quickly.

Check Doinn prices here

Move your cleaning operations over to new technology

Say goodbye to the pain of cleaning, disinfecting and washing linen and let our tech solution take care of it for you.

You save time and money and by automating your processes you can concentrate on other, more profitable, aspects of your rental business.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions

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