Can We Adapt the Bark Air Model to the Short-term Rental Industry?

The launch of Bark Air, an airline designed specifically for dogs, has been making waves in the pet travel industry. This innovative service caters directly to the needs of pets and their owners, providing a tailored travel experience. But this begs the question: can such a specialized service model be adapted for the Short-term rental industry? Let’s explore how applying the Bark Air concept could revolutionize the way we think about pet-friendly accommodations in the short-term rental market.

Understanding Bark Air’s Model

Bark Air’s model is based on offering specialized services that prioritize the comfort and safety of dogs during flights. The airline features custom seating, in-flight meals suitable for canine diets, and amenities that cater specifically to dogs’ needs. This level of specialization is designed to attract pet owners who seek the best care for their pets while traveling.

The Growing Trend of Pet-Friendly Short-term Rentals

The Short-term rental industry has seen a growing trend in pet-friendly listings. More travelers are choosing to bring their pets on vacation, and the demand for accommodations that welcome pets is on the rise. According to a recent survey, over 65% of pet owners stated that they travel with their pets, and nearly 50% said they would pay more for pet-friendly accommodations. This significant interest presents a unique opportunity to adopt a Bark Air-like model in the Short-term rental sector.

Adapting Bark Air’s Model to Short-term Rentals

  1. Specialized Pet Amenities: Just as Bark Air provides meals and comfort tailored to dogs, Short-term rentals could offer specialized pet amenities. These might include pet beds, feeding stations, doggy doors, and secure outdoor spaces for pets to play safely.
  2. On-Site Pet Services: Offering on-site services such as pet sitting, grooming, and walking could significantly enhance the appeal of a Short-term rental. Providing a ‘pet concierge’ to handle these services would mirror the specialized attention Bark Air gives to its canine passengers.
  3. Customized Local Guides for Pet Owners: Just as airlines may offer information about flight destinations, Short-term rentals could provide customized local guides for pet owners. These guides could include maps of local dog parks, pet-friendly cafes, and vet services to ensure pet owners have all the necessary information at their fingertips.
  4. Partnerships with Pet-Centric Businesses: Establishing partnerships with local pet-centric businesses could be beneficial. Similar to how airlines might partner with hotels and transportation services, rentals could tie up with pet stores, pet cafes, and grooming centers to offer discounts and promotions, enhancing the overall guest experience.
  5. Marketing Focus on Pet Owners: Marketing efforts should highlight these pet-specific amenities and services prominently. Utilizing SEO strategies to target keywords such as “pet-friendly Short-term rentals” or “best pet-friendly homes” can help attract the growing market of pet-owning travelers.

Challenges and Considerations

While the adaptation sounds promising, there are challenges to consider:

Pet-loving Travelers

Adapting the Bark Air model to the Short-term rental industry could position a rental property as a premier choice for pet owners, tapping into a passionate and underserved segment of the market. While there are challenges to consider, the potential to attract a dedicated clientele of pet-loving travelers makes it a compelling proposition. As the trend towards pet-inclusive travel grows, the vacation rental market stands to benefit significantly from embracing this model.

By carefully considering the needs of pet owners and offering services that cater specifically to them, Short-term rental operators can create a niche offering that stands out in a crowded marketplace, much like Bark Air does in the airline industry.


Housekeepers Week is our opportunity to celebrate the members of the housekeeping staff and show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

It’s a chance for everyone in the company to take a moment and recognize the vital role housekeeping plays in ensuring that guests have comfortable stays in your short-term rentals.

It was first observed in 1949 and was organized by The National Cleaning Management Association (now known as Cleaning Management Institute).

How do you show your appreciation for the housekeeping staff this week?

Ways to show your appreciation for the housekeeping department throughout the year.

Housekeeping is not just about properties, it’s about providing a great experience for all the guests.


Housekeepers are the backbone of any property management company. They can make or break your guest experience, so it’s important to show them the respect and appreciation they deserve.

Housekeeping staff works hard every day to ensure that guests are pleased with their stay at your property, but it takes more than just good service to keep people coming back for more.

It doesn’t matter if you have your housekeepers under your paycheck or if you outsource the housekeeping service, they all need to have the feeling of belonging with your team.  It also takes recognition from management and front-line supervisors who understand how important these workers really are!

Linen choice has become more and more important

And it should!

Your guest will be touching your linen for close to 1/3 of their stay. Isn’t it important that the quality of linen you provide is to the highest standard? 

A well-made bed can make or break a vacation. A bad night’s sleep can lead to a bad review for your rental. Because in the end, when you travel, you want something better than what you are used to at home.

We know you are starting to wonder what to get for the next season, and unless you are able to rent the linen, there are a few aspects to take in mind.

Are you struggling to choose the sheet material?

In today’s world, we have so many choices of materials. All with their quality and advantages. Just choosing linen, there is cotton, polyester, polyfiber, microfiber, blends… So, how do you choose what material is the best for your vacation home and is easily maintained by housekeeping? Let’s take a look at the most top-tier ones


Cotton: 100% cotton sheets and towels are a must in high-end accommodation. Just like your clothes, this will give you the most comfortable and homey feeling. Cotton is breathable and light. When used in a household setting, it’s perfect for a good night’s sleep and always the way to go. It’s washable at high temperatures so perfect when working with professional laundry services. But in a high turnover short-term rental, cotton might be tricky to maintain. Cotton wrinkles easily and to give that nice crip it needs to be ironed professionally. Cotton is recommended to be used in a linen rental program with a professional laundry that operates a calender.
Cotton is a natural product so that means it is better for the environment and some linen manufacturers have recycling programs for end-of-life linen.


These sheets are manufactured to last in a heavy environment and intent to be beaten down. Although some might feel nice to the touch, the manufacturing of these types of linen is not very ecologically friendly and will lower guest satisfaction. Although a long lifespan, polyester tends to turn gray because the fibers can burn an industrial laundry process. This is mostly a problem with towels


A combination that is used in a lot of full-service hotels. Although it is a very good option, guest experiences might vary depending on your supplier. It’s easy to maintain and tends to wrinkle less.


Although this is used a lot in short-term rentals, microfiber is a very un-ecological fabric. It feels nice to the touch, looks good on the bed, and is easy to maintain. Because microfiber is also a polymer, it could be less hygienical because it can’t be washed at high temperatures which is one of the main characteristics of cotton 

Are people really counting the thread count?


Let’s start by debunking the myth. Thread count matters but to a certain extent. Thread count is the number of threads per square inch. The thread count on the packaging is a guideline from when the product was finished. After sheets are finished, they need to be washed so the fibers shrink, making the number of threads per square inch variable

When shopping for the right sheets, you want something that feels nice and breathable. The higher the thread count, the nicer the feel but the less breathable. The perfect thread count is not higher than 400 TC. Although a lower thread count doesn’t feel as nice, it is used a lot in warmer areas because it is very light.

I can’t emphasize enough the linen color:

You want to give your guest the cleanest experience in their short-term rental home, that is why white sheets should be preferred. Hotels only use white linen to improve quality control and make it easier to show that sheets are cleaned on a regular basis. We do understand that for short-term rentals, you sometimes want to switch it up and bring some color to the bed- and bathroom. This can easily be done by using a nice color throw or throw pillows.

The other advantage of using all white is consistency. When you would switch to a laundry service, they work with uniformity in order to not lose time during the sorting process. If you start using white linen in your rental, you will be future-proof. 

Bottom line?

We all grow up with the cleaning standards of hotels in mind…

…don´t be afraid of losing the authenticity of the short-term rental by having hotel-like linen, it just makes guests feel better than home 

Airbnb Cleaning – Medium And Long Term Let Cleaning Solutions In Times Of A Crisis

As we all know, the travel and hospitality sectors have been heavily impacted by the Coronavirus crisis.

Many of us can’t operate normally at the moment, that’s for sure.

In some locations, owners and managers have had to switch to medium or long term lets. 

Maybe you are hosting essential workers, medical personnel or such like.

These mid to long term lets bring their own operational challenges that need specific solutions so we thought that we would start a discussion with some initial thoughts and ideas and ask our readers what they are doing to meet these new demands.

Exit cleaning

When it comes to cleaning traditional short term rentals our stock in trade is exit cleaning. 

Guests leave, we clean, new guests arrive. Rinse and repeat.

That’s obviously not the case right now.

Even if you are located in an area that’s coming out of lockdown, it’s recommended that you leave the property empty for between 24 and 72 hours before new guests arrive.

This presents all sorts of problems for owners and managers especially if your properties are in ‘fly to’ locations that have always worked on a Saturday to Saturday basis. 

The same goes for urban operations where the average stay is 2 or 3 nights.

In both of these cases, if you adhere to the 24 to 72 hours break between guests you will be losing 50% of booking availability. 

The logistics of implementing these ‘holdover’ days are further complicated by the fact that PMS and channel management systems aren’t set up for such a scenario.

Many admin tasks that were set to autopilot will have to be updated manually. 

Medium stays

Those owners and property managers that have opted for 30 day rentals find themselves in different circumstances. 

Essential workers, medical professionals or other guests may want intermediate cleaning but that would mean that cleaning personnel would need to enter the property while it was still ‘occupied’ (even if the guest wasn’t home at the time).

This may even be against the rules or guidelines in some countries or cities.

Changes of linen and towels will need some planning too, even if intermediate cleaning isn’t allowed or requested.

It would be possible to do a ‘drop and collect’ but the guest would be stripping the beds and bagging and sealing the laundry. They would also be making the beds.

Either way, this will involve time and costs will need to be passed on to the guest.

Exit cleaning is, in most cases, paid for by the host, as part of the rental cost.

Intermediate cleaning (even if it’s possible) would need to be paid for by the guest, over and above the initial rental price. 

This could be tricky if it involves ‘off-platform’ payments.

In some countries, stays of over 14 nights require a ‘deep clean’ as opposed to an exit clean and your cleaning company will almost certainly charge more for that.

These things all need to be taken into consideration.

Long term stays

Long term rentals will obviously have the same issues as medium-term rentals but with the added issues of planned maintenance, monthly deep cleans and inspections.

Dealing with the unexpected

Even if you manage to solve the above issues and manage to rent your property/s in the medium or long term there are other issues to consider.

What happens if the washing machine or dishwasher packs up?

Or the TV or internet goes on the blink?

What if the air conditioning stops working?

How will you arrange for tradesmen to enter the premises? Can you actually get a plumber or electrician to work indoors at present?

Will you be charged a premium rate due to the current circumstances?

These are all things that need to be thought about.

In all cases

Anyone who enters the rental, albeit cleaning staff, owner, manager or other personnel, will need personnel protection equipment (PPE).

They may need training and other products (like disinfectants) in order to carry out their tasks safely. 

Where possible, give guests the choice to book as many cleans as they need to feel safe, including a decontamination service before their arrival. This health crisis has affected people in many different ways, help them to go through it.

Communication will be key

Our businesses and our guests’ needs have changed and we need to adapt to these changes.

Guests won’t really want to meet owners and managers in person.

Keyless entry systems and key boxes will become the norm so we’ll need to up our digital marketing and communication skill sets. 

Update your website and your property listings. Email past and potential guests regarding your proactive changes, cleaning protocols and anything else that will set their minds at ease regarding their health concerns. 

More information

What are you doing or plan to do when you reopen?

We would love to hear your ideas, thoughts and solutions to these issues during these trying times.

When it comes to questions about Airbnb cleaning, one of the most asked is “What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner for your AirBnB”?

This article looks at your various options.
We cover everything from an in-depth look at uprights, handhelds, and robot vacuum cleaners.

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There are 1000’s of models of vacuum cleaners out there, so I think you are here to see which one of them is best for you and your Airbnb.

So, what’s the best vacuum cleaner out there? A quality vacuum cleaner makes boring activities such as cleaning the house, if not pleasant, at least bearable.

Anyway, nobody wants to buy an item that proves to be totally unworthy. You can try looking for all the little things, all the little details that fit together to make a big vacuum cleaner, or you can take our advice and save hours of unnecessary browsing.

Why trust us?

Because here at Doinn, we know cleaning. That’s our job.
We also sat down and poured through a ton of the latest reviews so that we could give you the best rundown on the latest options…

So, you’re Unsure Which Vacuum Cleaner to Buy?

As you may already know, it’s not all about price.
Unless you’re a rock star or super Superhost, you’re probably going to make your selection based on your budget.

But just before you rush into anything, hear us out for a couple of seconds… The most expensive vacuum cleaner, for that matter, is not necessarily the best of the best for you. The latest advances in materials and continuous improvements in design allow you to choose from a wide range of ‘Hoovers’, many of which offer an exceptional price/value ratio. 

Or, if you are set up to purchase a particular brand, keep in mind that each manufacturer adds a personal touch to their products, making each model of vacuum cleaner unique. Some producers focus completely on building mostly vacuums (such as Bissell, Dyson or Hoover), while others are long-established companies that also manufacture other home appliances (i.e., Panasonic or Electrolux).

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, people always seem to be searching for a product that offers the best “bang for the buck,” as we often say.

In our list below, we have a wide range of vac types, including robot, upright and cylinder, and cordless vacuums. See below for a full list in this guide, and don’t forget to check out the reviews, too, which could go some way to helping to make a decision.

So, let us look at the key features.

Airbnb Cleaning – Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your AirBnB?

Upright and Cylinder Vacuums

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This type of vacuum cleaner is mostly used in the US / UK. Upright vacuums are based on an actual segment stick supporting the handle and the recipient holding all the dirt. They are normally equipped with a rotating brush roller that swipes away at the surfaces being cleaned and collects all the dust. There are two kinds of upright vacuums, taking into account their structural design: fan-bypass cleaners and direct fan cleaners.

The main distinction between these is that direct-fan uprights use less power, but also have less cleaning power, while fan-bypass uprights need two times the power, but are ideal for use on both carpet and floor cleaning tasks.

Designs come with a single drive belt that is used for both the main suction motor and the rotating brush roller or may have separate drive belts to allow you to turn off the brush roller if necessary.


If you want to purchase the best vacuum cleaner (in our opinion), we’re not just going to jump in and buy the Dyson Big Ball Animal 2. It is powerful, easy to maneuver, compact, and it does not lack the suction needed to clean a big house full of pets — but it’s got mixed rating in a lot of reviews. Then we cannot fault our favorite Dyson cordless vacuum, which has a super-powerful, stunning suction, and is incredibly lightweight, so we strongly recommend buying the Dyson V11 Absolute if the cordless model is what you are looking for.


Price:     £299.00

Airbnb Cleaning - Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your AirBnB?

Ideal for pet owners or Airbnb owners that have a pet-friendly property, this vacuum is a great all-rounder.

This Dyson cylinder model is a firm favorite with anyone who wants a quick but highly efficient cleaner. The mechanical cleaner head automatically adjusts to different floor types for the most efficient cleaning we’ve seen. The vacuum is modified to easy mode with max mode for extra stubborn dirt, but our reviewer found that easy mode was more than enough – in fact, the suction was so good that it took a little more pushover carpets. Furthermore, it has brought up carpets that look good as new, so you can’t complain too much about a little extra effort.

Great range of attachments

Furniture and stairs and are easily cleaned with the right fittings. Rotating heads pick up all sorts of fluff and debris from the surfaces, and it has a turbine head for finer particles, which is great for hard floors. The supportive hose makes it easy to get to every single corner.


Dyson’s signature ball makes this vacuum very easy to move around. While not the lightest, the compact design means that it can be carried easily – up and down, which can be tricky with a cylinder vacuum. But, if you prefer an upright one, we also rated Dyson Ball Animal 2 highly, which is the upright version of this machine. This one has more than half a star. Why?  It was a little easier to maneuver –,, especially at high-suction mode.


Price:     £539.90 

Airbnb Cleaning - Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your AirBnB? DYSON V11 ABSOLUTE CORDLESS

It has powerful suction and transitions from hard floor to carpet.

This is our favorite Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner, and our review scores five stars. It’s got twice the suction of the others, it’s easy to power the entire home on a full charge, and, with long-running time, you won’t need to recharge until you’ve finished the job.

Supreme clean

The filter captures allergens with ease, and high suction, and offers as thorough a clean as much bigger vacuums. It has a good range of accessories and is well-designed to clean the car or spot so you can have it as the only vacuum for a small household or a compact back-up in bigger homes. It will hit the floor working for up to an hour, so as long as you have time to charge it, and its nifty LCD screen will let you know how much running time you’ve left, so you are aware of cleaning time.


Whether you have many stairs or questions about mobility, this vacuum is appropriately lightweight. Despite being lightweight, it has not compromised the power, battery, and dust capacity. The style also means that it will clean with little fuss all those high up edges and crevices.

Max power

It’s great in standard mode, but for tougher jobs, you’ll need to switch it to max power. This gives it super suction but causes a few disadvantages. First, it cleans so well you find yourself very regularly emptying the bin and cleaning the filter. Secondly, max power reduces battery life, so you can use it only in short bursts. This isn’t a problem if you keep yourself on top of grime every couple of days, but if you’re more of a deep clean person every fortnight/month, you probably shouldn’t get cordless.


Price:     £450.00

Feels like an upright work like a cordless and converts to a handheld.

If you want the liberty of a cordless vacuum with your old upright power and style, then this Shark vacuum cleaner could be for you.

Power and charging

At 50 minutes, the battery life is generous on the side for a cordless. This gives you loads of time to whizz around, and while the other one is in use, you can buy a spare battery to charge. The power is impressive and incredibly quiet.

Dust and hair busting

It also comes with a set of tools and has a button to adapt from hard to carpet flooring. And as the name suggests, it is created to operate well with either the main foot or the attachments on pet hair. One reviewer observed that long hair has got tangled in the brush, but it can be removed easily.

Using the boost button shortens battery time, but this won’t be a problem to keep you on top of the dirt and fluff every few days. Just make sure that you have a second deep clean battery charged. It also has a light, which is great for lighting up pesky particles of dust.

This vacuum cleaner folds for easy storing so that could be a useful factor if your Airbnb is tight on storage space.


Price: £549.00


Best cordless vacuum for super-powerful suction: a multifunctional model with all the power but half the noise.

This Samsung vacuum is for you if you are looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner that can take a stand to any corded model, and the budget allows. It is Samsung’s latest cordless offering that can also be bought for an extra £ 50, with spinning floor sweepers.

Alarmingly powerful and quiet Indeed, our reviewer said the suction on this was ‘alarmingly’ powerful because it sucked up hair and dust from a freshly vacuumed floor that the model had managed to miss before. On the carpet, it excelled, where it got right into a deep pile. The turbo action brush lifts each and every speck of dirt, and the Samsung POWERstick Jet remains pretty quiet despite the power.

Battery life

The digital display shows the power with the option mid, max, and minus, this is used to decrease power for sensitive cleaning. The battery lasts 30 minutes comfortably on mid-power, but when used in combo with the lower power mode, the battery has an hour of life. Samsung will make the battery available for purchase later this year so that you can have one charged and prepared to go when the other one runs out. This will render this model a viable substitute for larger homes with corded vacuums, as more cleaning time is assured.

Very easy to move, carry and use

Some users find cordless vacs a bit tricky to get used to, particularly if the suction is so big that it makes it tough for the foot to clean over the floor. This is not the case with this vacuum, which in spite of its strong suction, moves with ease. For cordless vacuums with the weight towards the head, it is of average weight, but what’s really clever with this model is the telescopic pipe that can be modified to the height of the user. It can also be turned into a handheld, perfect for handling stairs, furnishings, and high spaces.

Emptying the dust tank is a doddle.  It is bagless, so just loosen the tank, empty it over a bin, and if you like, you can even rinse it under the tap. The five-layer HEPA filter shows this vacuum is even fit for allergy-stricken homes.

Versatile tool kit – including mopping pads and charging stand The selection of attachments is just what you want, but it comes with the added bonus of a wet brush for mopping floors. This can be used with reusable, multipurpose pads for hard floor cleaning. You can have the Samsung POWERstick Jet with a spinning sweeper to buffer up hard floors for £ 50 more. With the conventional model, you get a combination tool, crevice tool, and a mini motorized tool. And Flexi hose, too, for reaching cramped spaces.

The Z Station is the charging stand of the POWERstick. It helps to keep your cordless tidy and upright as it charges-along with all the tools. It’s very handy, but the charging station ends up in a kitchen or hallway as it charges, unless you have a utility room or a huge cupboard with a socket within.



Gorgeously stowed tools and a slick exterior show off the renowned design prowess of Miele.

Miele is well known for producing high-quality products, and since this one has been around for a couple of years now, the price is quite reasonable.

A reliable and practical clean 

If you prefer a cylinder vacuum and are happy to use a bagged model, you’ll be served well with the Miele Complete C3 range. It fits well with hard and carpeted floors, and the suction can be adjusted while moving around the home.

Easy to handle

Miele really thinks about everything when designing its vacuum cleaners to make sure cleaning is less of a chore. Foot checks on the vac’s body mean no bending over. All the tools are conveniently stored in the vacuum cleaner, so you don’t need to carry them around – and losing them is less of a risk. On that note, it has a wide range of tools for everything from upholstery to crevices and a delicate dust brush.

While it’s not lightweight, it’s pretty easy to handle, and the long-range cable and hose give you better freedom of movement.

Thorough clean

This vacuum cleaner doesn’t match the mud on the tiles and bits on the carpet. It handles all the debris very thoroughly, and while it’s not a pet model, it handles the hair with no problems. Mud on the carpet needed a little more, but the machine did the job and left no remnants.

Miele engineering at an affordable price This model has been out for a while now, which means it’s about £ 100 cheaper than the latest models. That’s not to say it’s worth £ 100 less – it’s doing the job, it’s doing it very well, and it’s built to last.

Airbnb Cleaning – Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your AirBnB?

Handheld Vacuums

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The two types of vacuum cleaners presented above may cover most of your needs. Nevertheless, handheld vacuums bring the necessary usability, i.e., when cleaning your car, intricate furniture pieces, between couch cushions, or even clothes. I bet there’s a narrow space in every home you can’t reach with an upright vacuum cleaner or a canister. With handheld vacuums, you can easily remove various stains, pet hair, spills, and other things you want to do.

What’s the best handheld vacuum cleaner If you’re looking for the best one right now, the Dyson V7 Trigger is still number one when it comes to handheld power. Yes, it is also the most costly on the list, but if you are looking for a guaranteed oomph and know that you are going to get a lot of use out of it, it’s a wise investment. Also, It has twice the battery life of some models in this list, so we can clean your car thoroughly before it needs to be recharged.


Price: £277.51

Airbnb Cleaning - Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your AirBnB? - YSON V7 TRIGGER

If you are someone who likes their home dust-free at all times, you can expect Dyson V7 Trigger to be your dust-fighting partner. This is one of the best handheld vacuums out there for quick and light cleaning. Its powerful 15 cyclones are designed to capture even the finest of dust particles, making it a good alternative for those with allergies. It is super-quiet, so if you are a bit of a Friends Monica and you find a sudden urge to clean up at a ridiculous morning hour, then you are not going to wake up the entire household in the process. 

It also has a surprisingly good battery life of up to 30 minutes for a cordless handheld so you can clean it uninterruptedly. It’s also an effort or nothing, which means that you won’t lose suction at all, even if you are almost at the end of your battery life. Combination tools make it easy to access all areas, including stairs, room corners, and even the car. There is also a dual-mode option that allows you to sacrifice battery life for a more intense vacuum for those hard-to-clear areas. Then, when you’re done emptying, it’s as easy as pulling a tag when it is held over the bin, simple.


Around £102.00


Best handheld vacuum cleaner: for those places that are usually out of reach, this vacuum will provide the height you need Black & Decker isn’t usually the name you’d associate with vacuums, but this one certainly lends itself to the thinking behind the brand – It’s sustainable, powerful, and handy!

It comes with a double-purpose nozzle, upholstery brush, and a crevice nozzle that lets you clean anything from the curtains to the sofa or window frames. The lengths of the nozzles are also intended to help you reach higher surfaces, such as cupboard tops, where you do not normally think you’re going to clean. It’s cordless and has an easy-going bowl to really make vacuuming a hassle-free experience.

Some may not enjoy the design, but the vacuum of this compact size will still be stored away from sight most of the time.


Price: From £74.99


Best corded handheld vacuum for windows: keep your windows spotless with this specialized vacuum. Not what you would think when you think about vacuums, but for those who want to get gleaming windows, this vacuum cleaner window is a unique tool that will help you get the job done quickly. It is the best handheld vacuum for windows.

It looks like a power washer and is used in combination with detergent to clean and then vacuum the dirt away to clean and dry windows easily and quickly. 

Users are impressed by the battery life and its lightweight feel, 

which also makes it a useful tool for cleaning car windows.


Price: £34.99


Best budget handheld vacuum: a vacuum for those swift whip rounds, If you do not want to spend more on a handheld vacuum as you would on a full-size one, then you can expect this economical option from Vax to get the little jobs done very well. One of the best handheld vacuum cleaners that you can buy if you are on a budget.

The Vax is ideal for crumbs and quick cleaning, and surprisingly powerful, meaning that the life of the battery usually allows a few uses after each charge. That said, this battery life is not as good as the more expensive competition, but it is a great, affordable alternative for smaller areas. It is a great reasonable alternative. If you just want a competitive and effective vacuum to hand for daily spills, this is for you – it is accurate and compact.



The key feature to watch for in a handheld vacuum is how heavy it is, as it could make more effort than it is worth. Most of the handheld vacuums come in at about 1–2 kg.

Corded vs. cordless is now a popular feature, too, but consider what you’re likely to use for the first time because you’ll have to compromise on its power and run time if you’re on a battery-powered device.

Airbnb Cleaning – Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your AirBnB?

Robotic Vacuums

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A nice trend in the industry is the emergence of robotic vacuums. The main feature of this type of product is the movement algorithm. A lot of robotic vacuums use a combination of fuzzy logic and reinforcement learning (i.e., Q-learning), neural networks, potential field, or similar artificial intelligence methods to achieve homogeneous cleaning of the entire floor space and safely return to the battery recharge docking station.

That’s the great thing about this “set it and forget it” approach.

A lot of robotic vacuums use spinning brushes or variable airflows to reach tight corners. And some designs even deploy UV sterilization or have mopping capabilities. Do not expect them to clean the stairs any time soon though.

If you want the best robot vacuum (in our opinion), we recommend buying the Dyson 360 Heurist. It wins the top spot for suction power, vacuums even the pet hair with ease, and is a bit more petite than some of the other models on our shortlist, so it can tackle tight spots.

These are the rest of the top picks below. Keep scrolling to get the full reviews.


Price £880.00 (ouch)

Airbnb Cleaning - Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your AirBnB?  DYSON 360 HEURIST ROBOT VACUUM

Best robot vacuum: a robot vacuum with a powerful suction The Dyson 360 Heurist is the new kid on the block that replaced its counterpart, Dyson 360 Eye. It holds the powerful suction that Dyson is known to have, plus a host of gizmos and gadgets to boot.

What’s it good at?

As with the rest of the Dyson series, that little robot vacuum cleaner does not lose its suction. In fact, it has 20% more suction power and 20 times more memory than its counterpart, the Dyson 360 Eye. It is also smaller than comparable models, which means that it can get into complicated areas, even between the legs of a chair. And it will not get stuck or lost either because it has an intelligent Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) vision system for precise navigation.

What do we like about it?

The Dyson 360 Heurist has eight state-of-the-art sensors so that it can see exactly where it is going and, as a result, rarely encounters obstacles. Its full width-brush bars will also get right to the edges of rooms with excellent ground coverage.

That is one of the reasons why this is the perfect robot vacuum cleaner for those with a lot of furniture or legs. The Dyson 360 Heurist will continue to adapt and learn your home by mapping out its destination, so you do not have to worry about moving your house around every time you need to vacuum. It also means that you do not need to worry about damaging yourself or anything else in your home.

Anything else?

It can be operated by buttons on the unit itself or by using a smartphone app that is accessible for both iOS and Android OS. You can pair it with Amazon Alexa devices and control it with a voice command as well.

What do we not like about it?

Even though we have yet to review this robot vacuum cleaner, the cost could put most of the buyers off, but then again, it could cut the time you spend doing chores by half (or more!). 

If you really want to check out the Dyson 360 Eye, Amazon’s vacuum cleaner robot shop.


Price From £699.00


Best robot vacuum for multi-surface: one of the first robot vacs that are still a strong contender If you like the smart features of the Dyson Heurist but don’t like the price tag, the iRobot Roomba can also identify a change in floor surfaces, so we can choose for the best robot vac for different floor surfaces.

Multi-surface, iRobot Roomba, is one of the most effective robot vacuum cleaners on the market, with its intelligent sensor capable of detecting different surfaces so that it can modify its cleaning method by moving from carpet to hardwood flooring, for example.

Smart features Like the others on the list, the Roomba 980 can also be scheduled to be cleaned from your smartphone, and it is also compatible with Alexa and Google for complete voice control.

The battery life is pretty good, but if you’ve given it a big job and it does not have enough power to finish it, it will return to the charging station instantly for more power before the task is resumed.

What don’t we like?

This is an expensive choice opposed to the cordless vacuum cleaner, but then Roomba is the cutting edge of robot vacuuming for years, so expect to get most of the features for your money such as 10-fold suction boost on the last model, numerous room navigation and dust trapping down to as little as 10 microns.


Price: £499.99


Best smart robot vacuum: have complete control over this device connected to your smartphone.

The Neato Botvac has amazing control options, which can all be done using their simple app, making it one of the best smartphone control robot vacuum cleaners.

Complete control

The app will let you view a map of where the vacuum was. This is great for those who get in from work and want to be sure, for example, that every area is clean for the kids to play on.

You can schedule cleaning from anywhere, anytime, so you don’t even have to be at home to get the tasks done.


This is the best robot vacuum for corners and tight spaces thanks to the flat edge design, which is not offered by many other robot vacuums.

What we don’t like?

This is one of the most costly robot vacuum cleaners on the market, and while it is very smart, you have to make sure that your Wi-Fi connectivity is dependable enough because if it gets disconnected, the Botvac will forget what you said. Sometimes it can get stuck, but compared to other robot vacuums, it is much quieter and is especially good for those with allergies as it picks up pet hair extremely well.


Price: £219.98


The best affordable vacuum robot works well with Alexa, and it is an excellent value for money.

If you think Dyson or the iRobot sounds awesome, but you cannot condone spending that much money on a piece of technology to clean your home, then why not try the Ecovacs Deebot N79S? It is our best budget vacuum cleaner for those who want an affordable alternative.

Cleaning modes This little vac has a number of modes to choose from (Edge mode, Auto mode, and Spot Cleaning) and comes with a remote mode that is also quite responsive. Yeah, you can use your smartphone and choose which model you are looking for, but the vacuum seems to prefer to use a remote pairing. 


Deebot is also connecting with Alexa, so you can set it to clean with your voice.

What don’t we like about it?

It’s not an ugly vacuum by any means, but it’s probably one that’s a little bit on the plain side if you usually want to go for something jazzier. The end result after a session of vacuuming isn’t exactly the best either, but it’s going to suck enough to get surface dirt and dust off your hardwood floors and carpet.



Best robot vacuum for hard floors: wonderful navigator for full coverage when cleaning, One of the best robot vacuum cleaners for hardwood flooring as the navigation system signifies that it rarely goes into things.


Sensors are capable of detecting corners and obstructions in such a way that they aim to gently slide past them without causing any damage to your furniture. Sometimes this can mean that cleaning is a little slower than other models, but if you have a small home, you should not notice inefficiency.


Triple cleaning action means brushing, sweeping, and vacuuming, all in one movement. As a result, this, too, gets right into the corners, so that dust and dirt have nowhere to hide.

What don’t we like?

This robot vacuum is a little slow when it is going to vacuum rounds, but it does a thorough job, so it’s worth waiting for. You don’t have smartphone controls with this one, too, but you can still schedule it to clean while you’re out so you can get home to a little less work to do.


Now, there are surely some downsides to these gadgets in that they run on batteries and can not fully replace the suction power of the upright vacuum cleaner, but they also have a whole host of advantages.

Battery life 

Check the model’s battery life. The models on our list all take at least 40 minutes – long enough to make an average two-bed flat or a middle-sized family home on the ground floor. Some models will go back to their docking station to recharge their batteries when they get low.


A robot vacuum cleaner is a low profile and can get under all those furniture; no quantity of vacuum yoga will help you reach. You’re probably going to leave it out and dock somewhere, but they don’t take up a lot of space when they are out of use.

Sensor technology 

These little gadgets use special sensor technology to move around the home, but many have a remote backup for tricky situations. Some have different configurations, which means that they can automatically adapt to different floor types when going from one room to the other.

They also come with convenient accessories known as ‘virtual walls,’ which make it possible for your new little friend to know which areas are out of bounds, so it does not end up causing trouble rather than cleaning it as it should be.

App control

Robot vacuum cleaners can also be operated by an app, which means that you can hover your house from a remote location – cleaning the house has never been so easy! They are smart enough to understand a map of your home so that they can easily get back to their charging station once the job is finished.


Although a little expensive, these smart vacuums will definitely make your life a lot easier, and whether you want a budget option to see what it is all about, or whether you are looking to adopt a robot vacuum to become a vital member of your smart home, our top five list has it all.

Additional cleaning tools

There are some professional cleaning tools worthy of mention that do not fit into any of the categories mentioned above. These are either intended for specific tasks, such as hard floor cleaning or carpet cleaning, or hybrid machines that incorporate a number of features from the above classes and may, together with vacuuming, include steaming capabilities, sweeping attachments, shampoos, scrubs and even painting your floors.

Carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaners, sometimes referred to as deep cleaners, are primarily designed to help you clean your carpets. They are usually equipped with a water heater and special power brushes that extend deeper into your carpets and rugs, removing more dust and stains than common vacuums. Some of them are intended to replace professional rental units: by buying one of your own, you will not have to pay to rent one, and you may not need to use similar services provided by cleaning specialists. Two producers are mainly focused on the manufacture of these appliances: Hoover and Bissell.

Steam Mops

Deep cleaners clean carpets, while  bare floors can be cleaned with special tools called steam mops. The approach of steam sanitation is not new, but manufacturing companies have created amazing appliances that put it into practice. There are steam mops that clean hard floors in less than 5 seconds, using only tap water. Most of them need less than a minute to get started. Some of them are even battery-operated, offering you maximum flexibility.


Even though people love specialized tools, most of us are also eager to use sophisticated appliances that can help with a wide range of cleaning tasks. You will need to vacuum your home, but you may also need to remove dust, clean the insides of your car, sanitize your hardwood floors, scrub the kitchen tiles, and so on. Following this concept, manufacturers have built hybrid cleaning tools.

Price Tag

I know most of you guys think this is the principal indicator. No matter how much funds you have, you are most likely to want to buy the best product for your budget. As people tend to define, so will I: you can also buy a cheap brand that will take you through the next few years, or you can invest in a vacuum cleaner that can last for the next 25 years. Both approaches are completely valid for the IMO. Would you like to pay around $100 for an upright? You can, and you’re going to get a basic model that’s going to do the job just fine. Would you like to buy a serious tool for $400-$500? You’re going to get a cleaner you’re going to use with pleasure, warranty, accessories, great filtration systems, and so on. Would you like to buy a handheld vacuum? They’re cheaper; you’re going to spend between $30 and $150 anywhere.

Suction and Power

Suction power means the difference in pressure caused by the vacuum pump. The typical vacuum cleaner has a suction capacity of 20kPa. The pump reduces the pressure inside the vacuum from 100kPa (normal atmospheric pressure) to 80kPa. As you can anticipate, higher suction is equal to more power. Generally, producers only state the input power in watts or amps, which relates to how much electricity the product consumes (and has little to do with the actual suction power, which depends on the design of the brand, the filtration system, and so on).


One of the most important issues in the use of vacuum cleaners is the circulation of dust. The air exhausted by the pump includes small dust particles that are sent directly to the user’s lungs. No matter how successful the filtration system is, ultra-fine dust particles and potentially dangerous microorganisms, such as mites, still pass through the air. This is not because of technical limitations, but because the perfect filtration system will close up immediately and become ineffective. Over the last few years, manufacturers have tried to make a better compromise between filtering efficiency and ensuring optimum airflow by developing the resulting filtration options: 

Disposable Filters

They require to be replaced after a couple of months. The main con is high maintenance.

Washable filters, please. Recently, manufacturers have filters made of foam-like materials that can last for years. You can also use your dishwasher or your washing machine to clean them, wait for them to dry (very important!!!), and put them back in the vacuum.

Cyclonic separation, the air absorbed into the vacuum is cycled so fast that the dust particles are forced to slide into the dirt container by centrifugal force.

Water Filtration

The air sucked through the water layer, wetting the dust particles that are becoming heavy and can no longer fly. The main drawback is that after each use, you have to clean the water compartment for sanitary reasons.

HEPA filtration

Specially designed for sensitive, allergic people, HEPA filter traps most ultra-fine particles and releases virtually no amount of dust. HEPA filters 99.97 percent of the dust particles–all particles 0.3 microns in diameter and higher are sifted.

Odor Filters

Built of active coils, these try to reduce dust along with any unusual smell.

Other considerations


The trick is to purchase one that has a self-propelled feature that will come handy, especially if you need to vacuum large surfaces. If weight is a matter for you (i.e., if you have back problems or are just a comfortable person), you can focus on the stick versions that most manufacturers produce at the moment. You can find vacuum cleaners that weigh as low as 4-5 pounds but be careful, these models don’t work so well on deep carpet rugs, and you will end up pushing hard to get into the root of the fibers. As for handheld vacs, weight is a matter of concern. Buyers want these to be light and flexible.

Cordless vs. Corded

One of the latest developments in the vacuum cleaning business is the production of cordless devices. However, if you have an average or large property rentals, cordless vacuums may not be the answer for you, as even the top-rated models last about 30 minutes before they need to be recharged. There is also a decrease in suction power, which is relatively small for cordless equipment.

With/without a Bag

Bagged vacs require a new bag every couple of months, depending on your frequency of cleaning. If you do not like the idea of purchasing and replacing bags every once in a while, you can opt for a bagless model, an eco-friendly method that some people take with pleasure. The downside is that you’ve got to clean the dust container and remove the dirt and  hair that are stuck. Some famous vacuum cleaners enhance this process by using better fundamental designs that make it easier to access the dust cup.


A lot of vacuum cleaners come with a warranty that lasts within 1 and 5 years. Like any other appliance, many common vacuum cleaners have a 1-year warranty that includes both parts and labor costs. Almost all retail stores enable you to register your product for warranty. As additional information, a 5-year warranty (offered by, i.e., Dyson) is an outstanding indication of the quality of the product.

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