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Reimagining Your Airbnb In A Time Of Crisis

I’m a member of a lot of Airbnb/vacation rental/hospitality groups on Facebook and Linkedin and understandably there is a lot of concern regarding the survival of our businesses as property owners and managers.

This has been exacerbated by the likes of Airbnb changing their extenuating circumstances policy and refunding guests that had booked – REGARDLESS OF THE CANCELLATION POLICY THAT WAS IN PLACE AT THE TIME OF BOOKING.

In this short article, we’ll be looking at how you could take a different approach to your target market and rebook some of those lost weeks

Urban Properties

If your properties are located in a city then the coming months are going to be difficult. Let’s face it, traveling to heavily populated areas at the moment isn’t top of anyone’s bucket list right now.

But offices are closing and businesses are encouraging their staff to work from home.

The problem with that is that the schools have closed so the children are at home and we all know how difficult it can be concentrating while the kids are running around saying mummy mummy or daddy daddy, we’re bored.

As the owner of a city-centre property, you have a perfect solution to this problem. You have a space where someone can work from home, with wifi, in peace and quiet. They can make tea and coffee and breakfast and lunch as needed.

  1. This is the working equivalent of a staycation. Your ideal clients, in this case, are on your doorstep.
  2. The person doing the renting can even claim the rent on expenses.
  3. They probably won’t even use the bedrooms

Yes, you’ll have to do a deep disinfectant clean afterward but rent is rent.

Finding this type of guest

Start with friends and family. You may already have heard some of them complaining about trying to work from home amid the chaos of the cartoon network blaring out from the TV and ‘I’m bored’ being screamed every ten minutes.
Post in local Facebook groups, telling people that you have a quiet space available for work.
Contact your Chamber Of Commerce.

Rural Properties

The largest segment of the population lives in cities and the Coronavirus loves cities.
Many cities are already in lockdown and many more will become so.

Lockdown means being locked up.

If you own a rural property you are in a position to offer a genuine ‘Escape to the country’ option for families that are worried about the pandemic.

This could be especially appealing to families with older members. Grandparents are more susceptible to the darker health issues of the virus so a temporary move to the countryside could be beneficial all round.

  1. There’s a smaller risk of contracting the disease.
  2. If the family has young ones they’ll be able to play outside.
  3. The whole family can go for walks together
  4. Self-quarantine with outdoor space is far more agreeable than being locked up in the city.

Once again, you’ll need to give your property a deep clean afterwards but cleaning after guests is better than cleaning after the property has been empty for months

Finding this type of guest

Again, listen to friends and family. Maybe you already know a family that is worried and would like the option that you can provide

Think about rewriting the headlines and copy of your Airbnb (and other) listings.

Look for groups on Facebook where you can tell people about what you have to offer and the advantages that come with it

Being Realistic

The coming months are going to be very difficult for those of us in the travel and hospitality sector.

It’s highly unlikely that you are going to command your usual rates so think about offering deals.

I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve heard ‘I’d rather be empty than give discounts’ but now is the time that owners like me and you are genuinely going to be empty so you may want to reconsider your own discount strategy.

Cleaning Services

We offer effective, efficient and thorough disinfection services which are critical to help control the COVID-19 pandemic

Here at Doinn, we wish you all the best in these very difficult times.

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