Quarterly Review

Quarterly reviews are a staple in the business world, but shouldn’t we also pause to evaluate our personal lives?

We work hard at our jobs, but we don’t often stop to think about our personal life. Why not?

Is a good job the only thing that makes us successful?

It’s time to try something different.

I’ve been doing more than just looking at how my work’s going. Every quarter, I also look at different parts of my life, like:

  • Am I taking care of my health?
  • Am I spending enough time with my family and friends?
  • How’s my love life going?
  • Am I getting enough time just for me?
  • Are my savings and spending in good shape?
  • Am I learning and growing as a person?
  • Am I having fun?
  • Am I helping others enough?

You can’t be perfect in every part of life all the time, but if you never ask yourself these questions, you won’t even know where you stand.

At Doinn we enhance the importance of checking in with yourself to help you see what’s really going on, and it makes you stop and think.

This way, you’re more likely to do well in life.

Sometimes you need to focus on your health, family, or relationships more than work.

If you only think about work, you might end up feeling empty or sad because you’re missing out on other important things.

You can have a good life with a balance of everything.
It’s up to you to choose.
Decide what really matters.

P.S.: And guess what? When you’re happy in life, you do better at work too!


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