2023 in Review: How Booking, Expedia, and Airbnb Topped the Charts

The top travel booking websites, Booking, Expedia, and Airbnb, had a big year in 2023. Let’s talk about what happened.

Making More Money:

Booking made the most money last year, pulling in a huge $21 billion. Expedia was close behind, and Airbnb did well too, especially since they’re growing fast.

Getting Bigger, Better, Faster:

All three companies are making more money than they did the year before. Airbnb’s growth was especially cool to see – they earned 18% more in 2023 compared to 2022.

Spending to Earn:

These companies spent a lot of money on ads to get more people to use their sites. Booking and Expedia spent a bit over $6 billion each – that’s a lot of ads.

Keeping the Cash:

When we look at profits, we see how well these companies are doing after paying for all their costs. Booking is the champ here, making more profit from the money they made.

What Investors Think:

Looking at how much the companies are worth, Booking is way out in front, with investors thinking it’s worth $136 billion. Expedia is next, and Airbnb is growing but still has some catching up to do with their $23 billion.

In simple terms, all three websites are doing pretty awesome, but each in their own way. They made a lot of money, grew their businesses, and have lots of plans to keep growing. As of 23 February 2024, the market capitalization of these entities provided insight into investor confidence. Booking held a commanding lead at $136 billion, with Expedia at $99 billion, and Airbnb at $23 billion. The EV/EBITDA (Trailing) multiples paint a picture of the market’s valuation of these companies’ earnings and potential for future growth.

How does this affect our business:

The performance of major travel booking platforms like Booking, Expedia, and Airbnb can have a significant impact on a business like Doinn. Here’s how:

  1. Increased Demand for Quality Accommodations: With revenues rising for these platforms, it suggests more people are booking travel accommodations. For Doinn, this can translate into a higher demand for cleaning and maintenance services for vacation rentals.
  2. Opportunity for Partnerships: The growth and marketing investment by these big platforms can provide partnership opportunities for Doinn, positioning your services as a value-add to property managers and hosts using these platforms.
  3. Market Trends Awareness: The focus on marketing and customer acquisition by these platforms can inform Doinn’s own marketing strategies, particularly in targeting the right audience and adapting to emerging market trends.
  4. Strategic Expansion: As Airbnb shows significant growth, Doinn can look into tailoring services for hosts on this platform, particularly in expanding markets and during peak seasons highlighted by their revenue trends.
  5. Adapting to Seasonality: The key metrics may indicate how seasonality affects booking patterns. Doinn can leverage this data to anticipate busy periods and plan resources accordingly.
  6. Competition and Collaboration: Understanding the competitive landscape can help Doinn position itself not only as a service provider but also as a collaborator in the industry, offering insights and solutions that complement the offerings of these booking giants.

In short, the success and strategies of these platforms provide valuable insights for Doinn to strategize growth, align services with market demand, and explore synergistic relationships within the travel industry.


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