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How to prepare your vacation rentals for the post-pandemic season

Doinn gives vacation rentals and Airbnb hosts tips to understand and adapt to new tourist demands. We have so many challenges within the vacation rentals industry right now, either you have an Airbnb flat or a cute cabin to relax. That’s why in the past few posts we have addressed the incredible and inevitable impact in our industry but today we want to give you some positivity. Today, we are prepared to introduce you to some of the upcoming trends for vacation rentals which users are expecting. We already know what customers want to save flights (For god’s sakes!) But within the Doinn team, we wanted to take it a step further and share some of the top needs the “new-old tourists” will look for in the near future. As we like to say “Doinners” are here to help! Let’s dig into it! 


1. Go the extra mile on Safety & Hygiene.

One common thought that is guaranteed is that travelers will be asking for more strict measures to ensure their safety. This means, try to reduce to the maximum any encounter with other people outside the bubble, so take some of these actions: · Temporarily close all of the common areas within your rental. · Make a guidebook of all of the restrictions and important covid-19 information in your city or country (Update regularly) · Make sure you are automating most of the processes for the vacation rental itself. Using vocational software or upgrading your housekeeping tasks to a service like Doinn  Try to maximize your efforts in terms of deep cleansing and having a visual way to demonstrate it to your customers, write a blog post about it or share a video of new measures in your rental. The stricter your guidelines while travelers stay in your rental, the more possibilities of positive feedback you will have. 


2. Transform your vacation rental options. 

You will need to reinvent your services from global to local, this means that you can develop new uses for your vacation rental as per the market needs. For example: · Transform one room into an office and attract remote job workers. (Which regularly look for new places to move). · Adding activities to your rental description tells travelers why your destination is more special than others. (There is a huge impact on leisure in post-pandemic scenarios · Also add some touches of home to your spaces as people will travel within their bubbles and close family members. Another important fact is to adapt and incorporate flexible cancellation or change policies. This is one of the top priorities for younger users according to an Expedia report.


3. Personalization and Customer Experience. 

Because of the pandemic, warm greetings like shaking hands is a custom of the past. But there are still ways to keep creating an excellent experience for your vacation rental renters. Keep in touch with your guests through an open channel: whatsapp, telegram, or email. It’s even more important these days to keep open communication. Also remember, everybody likes a freebie, and if you include some masks or personal hand sanitizers, people will recognize your good hosting skills.


4. Automation is the key to success. 

We are not talking only about contactless payments, there is a wide variety of options to introduce into your rental. Keyless entry: you can use remote apps in which you send an electronic key to open your apartment to code digit locks inserted directly into your vacation rental, available in different price ranges. Home automation: This sounds like The Jetsons but we promise you it is not, from controlled heating or cooling systems to a whole panel of lighting and voice controlled devices, you can ensure your guests are getting everything they need! Adding 3D or AI bots to your service: You can now go from facebook type of automatic responses (Bots) at a very reasonable price to 3D virtual reality videos from your amazing Airbnb homes, try adding some cool tech innovations and see how your guests react to them. We are sure they will love it. These are just a couple of nice examples to boost up your vacation rentals, from safety to new techie options we are certain the guests will appreciate them. Remember we Doinners love to help you keep everything nice and tight for your upcoming seasons. So if you are still struggling with your cleaning processes during these difficult times contact us to know more about our plans and services we will be more than glad to assist you.

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