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How to get direct bookings

On September 29th and 30th there will be an exclusive conference on how to get direct bookings for tourist accommodation: rentals, hotels, hostels and the service apartments sector.

Since Covid changed our world, some travelers have preferred to make reservations without intermediaries such as Airbnb, Booking or VRBO, contacting the managers or owners of these properties directly through their websites or even Facebook.

Many of our clients tell us that one of the main reasons is because they feel more comfortable being able to ask them directly about the extraordinary cleaning measures they are taking, since the measures taken by the large platforms on this issue do not seem sufficient. Which is why, in recent months, we have been creating so much documentation that our clients can share with travelers on their web pages and / or by email or phone, including the 24 webinars, podcasts and interviews on cleaning protocols.

There is no doubt that making reservations directly can bring some risks to both travelers and managers. Both the previous reviews of the manager and guest, as well as the efforts to avoid fraud both at the payment level and at the level of properties that do not exist, have always given enough peace of mind in the industry.

And it is that in the new world, the margins have been tighter. In order to get the few bookings that are being had this year, many managers have reduced prices “to get to sell something and not lose money”, so there is no much space for commissions to third parties 

This conference organized by Damian Sheridan, with  Deborah Labi and Gianpaolo Vairo as co-hosts , has a very clear goal: to help the community develop the confidence necessary to increase revenue by removing the commissions from the platforms. The challenge: not having to pay the same or more in advertising to get direct traffic.

Our CEO, Noelia Novella, is one of the 50 speakers. She will not talk about cleaning or the Coronavirus, but about the methodology to define and monitor objectives that Google uses, the so-called OKRs: objectives and key results.

The advantage of being an online conference is that it can be viewed on a delayed basis and filter the presentations that are most interesting to you. For less than € 130 (£114), you have an amount of content to learn and enjoy, super varied and almost unlimited.

Many of the speakers and sponsors, including Doinn, will do promotions and discounts. From what we have been seeing, used properly, they will make the conference pay for itself.

Important detail: the lectures are in English, the speakers are from around the world.

Here’s a little appetizer from Noelia’s arena and an interview of her, super cool with Deborah Labi 

Let’s take advantage of this slowdown to learn, to be more competitive, to understand what happens outside our comfort bubble

A lot of strength to all

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