Doinn and Autohost

Enhancing Cleaning Efficiency and Guest Screening in the Vacation Rental Industry

The vacation rental industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the years, offering unique accommodation experiences for travellers worldwide.

However, managing the cleaning process and ensuring the safety and well-being of rental properties can be a daunting task for property managers. 

This is where Doinn, a renowned housekeeping platform, and its new partner Autohost step in to revolutionize the industry. In this blog, we will explore how Doinn and Autohost collaborate to bring added value to the vacation rental industry, with a particular focus on Autohost’s intelligent guest screening feature and its positive impact on cleaning efficiency. 

Improving Efficiency with Intelligent Guest Screening: 

Autohost is thrilled to work hand-in-hand with Doinn to reduce the intensity of cleaning after guests depart while improving overall efficiency.

Through its intelligent guest screening feature, Autohost helps property managers curb cleaning costs in a unique way. 

By automating the guest screening and check-in process, Autohost collects essential information about guests and presents a risk profile for property managers to review. 

This allows property managers to make informed decisions and accept reservations from guests who are more likely to respect the space and fulfil their financial responsibility for the stay. 

A Safer Environment and Responsible Guests: 

By vetting guests correctly, Autohost ensures that property managers have access to reliable information and can identify guests who are likely to behave responsibly during their stay.

When guests know that their payment information is on file and that they have been thoroughly screened, they are more inclined to respect the rental space. 

This leads to a safer environment and minimizes the risk of issues such as property damage, parties, fraud, chargebacks, and even more serious concerns like sex trafficking. 

Autohost’s commitment to responsible guest screening contributes to creating a secure and enjoyable experience for both guests and property owners. 

Seamless Integration and Automated Processes: 

Autohost seamlessly integrates with Property Management Systems (PMS) and becomes the primary point of contact for guests. Upon making a reservation, guests receive a welcome email containing a link to the Autohost Guest Portal.

Here, guests are prompted to enter their information, which Autohost then verifies and cross-references for any inconsistencies or red flags. 

If no issues arise, the guest is promptly approved, and Autohost automatically sends check-in instructions. This streamlined process reduces the workload of property managers, allowing them to focus on more complex cases and ensuring a smooth and efficient check-in experience for all guests. 

Reduced Workload and Increased Revenue: 

Autohost‘s intelligent guest screening feature not only enhances safety but also delivers tangible benefits for property managers. By automating the screening and check-in process, property managers experience a significant reduction in agent and front desk workload, saving valuable time and resources. 

This increased efficiency translates into improved operational productivity and allows property managers to allocate their efforts where they are most needed. Moreover, 

Autohost customers have reported an average increase in revenue of 15%, as the platform enables property managers to focus on attracting higher-quality guests who are more likely to respect the property and adhere to the rules. 

The partnership between Doinn and Autohost brings forth a powerful combination of housekeeping services and intelligent guest screening that significantly enhances the vacation rental industry. 

By leveraging Autohost’s robust screening technology, property managers can efficiently identify responsible guests, reduce cleaning intensity, and maintain a safe and secure environment for all stakeholders. 

As the industry continues to evolve, Doinn and Autohost’s commitment to efficiency, safety, and guest satisfaction sets a new standard for the vacation rental experience.


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