Cleaning companies and their growth with Doinn

Cleaning companies require a lot of operational work, and sometimes we do not recognize it.

To say that times have been tough in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic would certainly be an understatement.

Especially in regards to companies within the vacation rental industry and STR’s.

Above all, the uncertainty that the people who work in them have had to face.

Precisely, as a consequence of the pandemic, many have seen the need to seek new business lines.

That’s where Doinn’s courage shows. We are not only the technological bridge but a growth factor for the companies that join us.

At Doinn we also promote sustainable growth that is suitable for everyone. How do we do it?

Training for cleaning companies

Through diversification, technological updating, and innovation, you get a step towards one of the goals of the United Nations.

That’s exactly what Doinn helps to achieve.

The cleaning staff, are the true soul of the operations of this industry, they have been undervalued, and not only in terms of economic compensation.

Anyone who has been involved with the industry and the cleaning part understands the great challenge that this represents.

Doinn allows cleaning companies to have a tool that doesn’t just connect them to new property managers.

But they also receive a tool to manage their human resources. How?

Our software has integrated modules to include each of the cleaning staff, which contributes to monitoring each team member.

By registering with Doinn, cleaning companies receive continuous training and follow-up during services.

This allows us to always guarantee our property managers the HIGH level of the services they buy.

Motivating teams

Thanks to our team and employees module, it is possible to monitor each cleaning carried out by the employee where it can be used to do small motivational exercises, for example:

  • An internal campaign of who is the cleaner with the most services.
  • Provide compensation for the number of services.
  • Introduce a performance measurement system.

Or any other type of compensation that can motivate teams especially after the post-pandemic situation.

For anyone familiar with the hospitality industry and cleaning work, it is not difficult to understand that providing the proper motivation is a huge challenge when managing a cleaning crew.

That’s why small gestures, as long as they are sincere, can go a long way toward making staff feel appreciated and respected.

Continuous innovation on teams

Another great way to motivate teams is by teaching them new things.

Sounds silly but training cleaners to use the Doinn platform is a great way to introduce the team to the age of digitization.

Thanks to Doinn you not only receive software but you will also have access to our mobile app.

With the Doinn vendor operations app, cleaners can exercise their voice by giving feedback on their services and uploading supporting photos.

From being able to start and end services from the app to communicating with property managers to report on situations in the properties.

Understanding a platform like Doinn’s allows you to develop the skills of your staff.

Not to mention that giving them their own voice when communicating with the customers is a way to empower them.

If you want to know more about our app, see this article from our help center.

As you can see, at Doinn we strive to become an ally for the economic development of local cleaning companies.

From Madrid to Malaga, from Lisbon to Sintra, from Los Angeles to New York, Doinn’s vision is to become a strategic partner for suppliers and consequently, for customers.