Avoid fines in your short-term rentals

Today we want to introduce Chekin, a new tool that will allow you to save hundreds of hours per year, avoid fines of several thousands of euros and earn more money while increasing your bookings. This week only, we offer you a 25% discount, exclusive for Doinn clients with the code Doinn25.


Do you want to know what it is about? Let us explain:


If you are a landlord and own a short-term rental probably you know that normally the entire check-in process takes lots of time but perhaps you haven’t summed up all the hours that this task involves.


Spoiler: for every property, you spend more than 300 years per year!


In order for you to have a global perspective, these are (some of) the tasks that are generally accomplished for each booking:


  • Compile the data of each of the guests; 

  • Keep (mandatorily) this information in the visit log book for 3 to 7 years;

  • Report, one by one, all this data to the competent authorities;

  • Calculate and pay tourist taxes; 

  • Write the agreements and ask the guests to sign them;

  • Verify the identity of all the guests – one by one;

  • Go to the property to hand in the keys;

  • Verify the payment for the booking depending on the platform you use;

  • Collect the safety deposit;

  • Charge extras to the guests.


And much more…


And this is only for one property and one booking.
Can you imagine how many hours of your time do these boring and repetitive processes take?
And more importantly: how many headaches did you already have resulting from the concern not to make any mistake when calculating taxes or the worry that you can be fined if you don’t send the data correctly to your immigration office?


Can you imagine a tool that does all these things for you automatically and safely?


And this is what Chekin is about – know that it is possible not to have to fulfill these processes manually. You will be able to manage all the properties you wish with a very little effort and with the assurance that you comply with all the local regulations.


You can set up your Chekin account in order to implement your online check-in or add the self check-in as well so you are not forced to go to the property again to hand in the keys. Your guests will be happy. They will be able to enter and to leave the property with all the comfort and autonomy. You will only need to see your bank statements with profits from each booking flowing.


In case you are wondering whether Chekin is integrated with your PMS or with your remote access service, we leave you here the link to all the Chekin integrations.


Chekin makes your life easier for such a low monthly fee that it seems nearly impossible – to be able to offer you so much for so little. Apart from that, today we share with you a discount code, exclusive for Doinn clients. You only need to access this link, sign up and apply the Doinn25 code. And as it if was not enough, you can do a free 2-weeks trial.


Finally, the perfect check-in is possible. With Doinn and Chekin together, the automation circle is completely closed. Since the moment the booking is made until your property is cleaned and disinfected again for the next guest, all you need to do is nothing.

You will have all the time in the world so you can do what you want.

Don’t waste your time, start using Chekin, now!

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