Doinn Expands into the Brazilian Market, Launching in São Paulo.

Doinn, a SaaS platform and service provider catering to teams and companies in the cleaning sector serving the short-term rentals industry, announces its entry into the Brazilian market, commencing operations in São Paulo.

For years, Doinn has been closely monitoring the ever-evolving trends in the short-term rental sector in Brazil.

According to Noelia Novella, CEO of Doinn, “Finally, we believe the industry has reached the right level of maturity for Doinn to bring its unique value and enhance cleaning operations and associated services.”

The initial response has been exceptional, indicating a positive reception from cleaning teams, companies, and key players in the short-term rental sector in São Paulo.

Doinn aims to establish significant partnerships and contribute to the operational efficiency of Brazilian companies in this dynamic market.

Brazilian Market, €4.8 billion

Brazil, with its 425,000 short-term rentals, has witnessed remarkable growth in the sector. In 2022, short-term rentals through platforms generated €4.8 billion (approximately R$24.5 billion) in spending on transportation, shopping, entertainment activities, and restaurants. This figure represents a staggering 31% increase compared to the previous year.

What makes this expansion even more promising is the economic impact on services associated with the sector. Guest expenditures on services have driven 115,000 jobs in the country, highlighting Brazil’s potential as a strategic market for innovations like those offered by Doinn.

Operational Efficiency

Noelia Novella, CEO of Doinn, shares her perspective on this ambitious initiative: “We believe that Brazil is not only a growing market but also a conducive environment for our platform and services. We are excited to contribute to the operational efficiency of short-term rental sector businesses in Brazil.”

Doinn, having already established its presence in various international markets, sees this expansion as an opportunity to provide innovative solutions and enhance cleaning operations in one of the world’s most dynamic markets.

About Doinn

Doinn is a leading SaaS and service platform dedicated to optimizing and simplifying cleaning operations for teams and companies serving the short-term rental sector. With a solid presence in various European markets, the United States, and Australia, the expansion into Brazil represents a strategic move for the company.

For more information, please contact:

We are excited to announce that we have integrated with Homhero, one of the biggest PMS players in Australia. This partnership will enhance our common clients and make the industry more efficient, transparent and sustainable.

Homhero is a leading provider of property management software (PMS) for short-term rental (STR) property managers. They offer a comprehensive suite of tools that help Property operators manage their properties, from bookings and payments to guest communication.

Doinn is a software that optimises the operational side of short-term rentals. We help property managers and cleaning companies save time and money by automating many of the tasks involved in running a successful STR business.

We are confident that this partnership will be a huge benefit to our common clients. It will make their lives easier, save them time and money, and help them run their STR businesses more efficiently.

We are also excited to be working with Homhero’s team of amazing professionals. They are a group of experts in the STR industry who are passionate about helping property managers succeed.

We believe that this partnership is a major step forward for the STR industry. It will make the industry more efficient, transparent and sustainable.

We look forward to working with Homhero to help our common clients achieve their business goals.

Here are some of the benefits of this integration:

Doinn – Homhero integration

Check here how to synchronize Homhero reservations and associate services for each property.

Commitment to success

We are confident that this partnership will be a huge success. We are committed to working with Homhero to help our common clients achieve their business goals.

Thank you for reading!


The Doinn Team

What are the channel managers?

Channel managers are software solutions that help property managers and vacation rental hosts manage their listings on multiple online travel agencies (OTAs) from a single platform. This can save a lot of time and hassle, as it eliminates the need to log into each OTA individually to update listings and rates.

In recent years, channel managers have also become increasingly important for cleaning companies. As more and more property managers and vacation rental hosts outsource their cleaning needs, cleaning companies need to be able to manage bookings and schedules across multiple platforms (PMS´s).

Rentals United and Doinn are the leading channel managers in the vacation rental industry and both offer a variety of features to help streamline their operations, but there are some key differences between the two.

Rentals United

Rentals United is a channel manager that specializes in connecting property managers and vacation rental hosts with OTAs. It offers a wide range of features, including:


Doinn is an operations platform for cleaning companies. It offers a variety of features to help cleaning companies manage their operations, including:


Here is a table comparing Rentals United and Doinn:

FeatureRentals UnitedDoinn
Channel managerYesYes
Job schedulerNoYes
Team management systemNoYes
Reporting dashboardYesYes
FocusProperty managersProperty managers and Cleaning companies

When the two leading channel managers, Rentals United and Doinn , integrate together, it creates a seamless and automated vacation rental booking and management system. This benefits all parties involved, from the property managers and vacation rental hosts to the cleaning companies and guests.

Here are some of the benefits of integrating Rentals United and Doinn:

Overall, the integration of Rentals United and Doinn is a win-win for everyone involved. It can help to reduce human error, increase efficiency, and improve the guest experience.

Here is an example of how an integrated system could work in practice:

  1. A guest books a vacation rental through an OTA that is connected to Rentals United.
  2. Rentals United automatically sends the booking information to Doinn.
  3. Doinn creates a new job in the cleaning company’s schedule.
  4. The cleaning company receives a notification of the new job on their mobile app.
  5. The cleaning company accepts the job and assigns it to a cleaner.
  6. The cleaner completes the job and marks it as complete in Doinn.
  7. Doinn automatically updates Rentals United with the job status.
  8. The guest receives a notification that their vacation rental has been cleaned.

This is just one example of how an integrated system can be used to automate the vacation rental booking and management process. With an integrated system, everyone involved can focus on what they do best and provide the best possible experience for guests.

Learn how it works our integration here.

Additional thoughts

In addition to the features listed above, Doinn also offers a number of other features that are specifically designed for cleaning companies. For example, Doinn allows cleaning companies to:

Doinn also offers a mobile app that allows cleaning companies to manage their operations on the go.

Overall, Doinn is a powerful operations platform that can help cleaning companies save time and money. It is a good option for cleaning companies of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

A Key Driver of Efficiency and Growth for Cleaning Companies

The cleaning industry is increasingly adopting software automation to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and achieve significant business growth.

Benefits of Doinn Software Automation

Examples of Automation by Doinn

Getting Started with Doinn

Cleaning companies can embark on the software automation journey by identifying critical areas within their business that heavily rely on manual processes. Payroll and finance departments often make excellent starting points, as automating these functions can lead to immediate time and cost savings. Companies can then expand automation to operations and workforce planning, optimising resource allocation and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

For those using multiple software solutions, it is crucial to identify areas of integration to ensure seamless data flows between systems. Integrating job management, financial, and reporting systems enables real-time data synchronisation and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, reducing errors and improving data accuracy.

The Future of Software Automation in the Cleaning Industry

With the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices, we can anticipate more intelligent automation in the cleaning industry. For instance, bins equipped with sensors can detect when they are full and send alerts for timely emptying. At the same time, smart soap dispensers can notify when running low, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Additionally, advancements in generative AI are set to revolutionise software automation in the cleaning industry. Imagine the ability to query business data using natural language and receive immediate results, streamlining decision-making processes and driving further efficiency gains.

The strategic imperative

Doinn’s software automation is a strategic imperative for cleaning companies that want to achieve higher productivity, accuracy, and profitability levels in today’s competitive landscape. By investing in the right technology and implementing tailored automation solutions, cleaning companies can position themselves at the forefront of the industry and deliver exceptional service to their customers. Book us an online meeting if you would like to know more here or send us an email to

The Importance of Short-Term Rentals for LGBTQ+ travelers

As we embrace the colorful and vibrant celebration of Pride Month, it’s crucial to acknowledge the role of short-term rentals in fostering unity, love, and acceptance.

Beyond being a convenient accommodation option, the industry has become a safe haven for LGBTQ+ travelers and an avenue for expressing identity and celebrating diversity. In this blog, we explore the significance of short-term rentals during Pride Month and the impact they have on creating inclusive and memorable experiences.

  1. A Welcoming Environment: Short-term rentals offer LGBTQ+ travelers a unique sense of comfort and safety. By providing private spaces, these rentals allow individuals and couples to express themselves freely without fear of discrimination or judgment. Whether it’s a cozy apartment or a stylish home, these accommodations create an inclusive environment where LGBTQ+ guests can feel embraced and respected.
  2. Connection with Local LGBTQ+ Communities: Short-term rentals often provide opportunities to connect with local LGBTQ+ communities, offering a chance to discover vibrant neighborhoods, events, and initiatives specific to Pride Month. Hosts, who are often enthusiastic locals, can share insider tips, recommend LGBTQ+ friendly venues, and foster a sense of belonging for guests. This connection enhances the overall travel experience, making it more immersive and memorable.
  3. Flexibility and Privacy: Short-term rentals offer the flexibility to curate personalized Pride Month experiences. Whether attending pride parades, joining LGBTQ+ cultural events, or exploring queer history, guests can plan their itinerary based on their interests and preferences. Moreover, the privacy provided by these rentals allows LGBTQ+ travelers to fully embrace and express their identities, making their journey a deeply personal and empowering experience.
  4. Embracing Diversity: The short-term rental industry celebrates diversity by offering a wide range of accommodations to suit different tastes and needs. LGBTQ+ travelers can find LGBTQ+ owned or LGBTQ+ friendly rentals that align with their values and preferences. This aspect not only fosters a sense of belonging but also contributes to the empowerment and support of LGBTQ+ business owners within the industry.
  5. Platform Initiatives: Several short-term rental platforms actively support and celebrate Pride Month. They create dedicated LGBTQ+ travel sections, collaborate with LGBTQ+ influencers, and offer resources that highlight LGBTQ+-friendly destinations and experiences. Such initiatives amplify LGBTQ+ voices, drive visibility, and encourage further acceptance and inclusivity.

As we commemorate Pride Month, Airbnb also talks about the power of inclusive language, but what is important is to recognize the vital role that short-term rentals play in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ travelers. By providing a safe and accepting space, connecting with local communities, offering flexibility and privacy, embracing diversity, and supporting relevant initiatives, the industry continues to promote unity, love, and acceptance.

Let us celebrate the power of short-term rentals in making Pride Month experiences truly extraordinary and unforgettable (and professionally clean with Doinn)

As I sit on the high-speed train, making my way back from the incredible Scale Rentals conference, I can’t help but reflect on the whirlwind of experiences and knowledge that I have gained over the past few days.

The conference was a transformative journey, providing me with invaluable insights and leaving me eager to implement all that I have learned.

From the moment I arrived at the conference venue, I was immediately immersed in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and inspiration.

The event brought together industry leaders, experts, and passionate individuals from various corners of the vacation rental world.

The sessions were thought-provoking, covering a wide range of topics that were directly applicable to scaling any vacation rental business.

Throughout the conference, I had the opportunity to attend engaging workshops, participate in panel discussions, and listen to captivating keynote speeches.

Each session offered unique perspectives and practical strategies for managing and expanding a vacation rental business. I absorbed knowledge on marketing tactics, revenue optimization, guest satisfaction, and the latest advancements in technology.

The speakers’ expertise and passion were contagious, leaving me with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.

However, it wasn’t just the sessions that made the conference unforgettable. The connections and relationships formed during the event were equally valuable. I had the pleasure of meeting fellow attendees who shared my passion for vacation rentals and were equally eager to learn and grow.

The networking events provided the perfect platform to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and build lasting connections. It was a true testament to the power of community and collaboration.

As I reflect on my time at the Scale Rentals conference, I am filled with gratitude for the organizers, Gianpaolo Vairo and Damian Sheridan, who worked tirelessly to create such a remarkable event.

Their attention to detail and dedication to providing a valuable experience for attendees was evident in every aspect of the conference.

The seamless organization, the diverse lineup of speakers, and the well-curated sessions all contributed to an unforgettable experience.

Now, as I journey back home, I can’t help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. Armed with a wealth of new knowledge and insights, I am eager to implement the strategies and ideas at Doinn I have learned at the conference (my product team is freaking out!)

In conclusion, the Scale Rentals conference has been an incredible and transformative experience. From the enlightening sessions to the invaluable connections made, this event has left an indelible mark on my journey as a vacation rental entrepreneur. As I sit on this train, processing all that I have lived in the last few days, I am filled with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for the future.

To anyone considering attending the next Scale Rentals Conference, I wholeheartedly encourage you to mark your calendars—it’s an event you won’t want to miss.

Noelia Novella

Revolutionizing the Vacation Rental Industry: Doinn Launches a Software for Optimizing the short-term rentals Operations.

For the past eight years, Doinn has been a trusted marketplace of cleaning, laundry, and rental services for vacation homes. Now, they are taking their expertise to the next level by introducing their specialized software service designed specifically for vacation apartments, co-livings, and boutique hotels.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your in-house cleaning teams, coordinate with external suppliers, or leverage Doinn’s own professionals, this software solution offers a comprehensive suite of automation, tools, and data analysis capabilities that will exceed your expectations.

The primary objective behind this cutting-edge software is to digitize and optimize the entire operational process. From managing the transportation of sheets and towels to monitoring amenities stocks, performing maintenance tasks, and even scheduling pool cleanings, every aspect of your property’s operation can now be seamlessly integrated and scheduled easily.

One standout feature of the software is the mobile app designed for field workers. This tool ensures that services are carried out promptly and to the highest standards. What’s truly remarkable is the instant translation system incorporated into the messaging platform. This innovation allows cleaners and transporters from countries like Ukraine to communicate and comprehend instructions in their native language effortlessly.

Whether you are a service company or a vacation home manager, Doinn‘s software is tailored to meet your needs. Pricing options range from €5 to €75 per month, depending on the volume of services required, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

This month you can get a 2 weeks free trial.

To showcase their game-changing solution, Doinn recently participated in the highly anticipated Vitur Summit. This event serves as a pivotal gathering for leaders in the vacation rental industry, attracting over 600 professionals from European companies and institutions. Under the banner of “Redefining the future of tourist accommodation,” participants delved into discussions on technological innovation, sustainability, regulatory changes, and the professionalization of the industry, setting the stage for a transformative future.

Doinn’s introduction of its software as a service marks a significant milestone in the vacation rental landscape. By embracing the power of technology, they are revolutionizing operations, enhancing efficiency, and elevating the guest experience. The future of vacation rentals is here, and Doinn is leading the way.

PMS integration is always good news at Doinn!

Today we are welcoming our recent integrated partner: TOKEET

Tokeet it’s a great addition to our portfolio of integrations.

Tokeet offers a complete, fully integrated, and best-in-class suite of products for all aspects of a vacation rental business.

Their platform contains all the tools you need to grow from 1 to 1K rentals.

Providing a full-stack platform. Tokeet is a one-stop shop for vacation rental management software solutions.

This was more than an excellent reason to make an integration with them.

How does Tokeet works?

We know there are a lot of options to choose from on channel managers and tons of PMS solutions.

So we figured it was easier to share this video with you guys to hear the reasons directly from the horse’s mouth 😉

Tokeet is a Property Management System (PMS) launched in 2016 with over 50,000 rentals. 

Aimed at hosts and managers from 1 to 1,000 properties!

Tokeet’s solutions make it easy for vacation rental managers to coordinate reservations across multiple channels, automate tasks, and perfect pricing.

Why use the Tokeet – Doinn integration?

Remember that article where we talked about preparing after post-pandemic traveling?

One of the keys to this new era is digitalization.

And having a strong PMS allied is a very important part of this process.

By using a powerful tool for your property management and hooking it up with our solution you will be one step ahead! 

Doinn is not only a platform, it is an operations center!

Ready to help you get your properties ready when you need them!

How to integrate with Doinn?

tokeet pms doinn integration
Tokeet integration with Doinn

Check out this video to see how tokeet PMS and Doinn integration works!

Learn how to connect your Tokeet and Doinn account

Activate the integration in less than 3 minutes!

You can also read the complete help page here.

Remember by integrating Doinn you will also have a mobile app to get real-time information on your property operations!

You don’t want to miss our upcoming collaborations! Stay tuned for more of our partnership news on our social media and blog content!!

See you next time 👋🏻👋🏻